Todd Talbot, Host of HGTV Canada's Love It or List It, Vancouver

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TV Personality, actor, and award winning host on HGTV. Todd has spent the past five years hosting the international hit show Love It or List It, Vancouver. Through multiple TV, Digital, and media platforms, Todd shares his passion for responsible home ownership to inspire positive changes in peoples lives. Todd also travels Canada and the US inspiring smart investment, renovation and design choices, and creating wealth through real estate. Todd lives and promotes a ‘created life’ encouraging himself and others to be conscious of how we design, build and most importantly LIVE, in our homes and communities. Currently living in Vancouver with his wife Rebecca and two kids, Ashlyn and Kesler. 

Presentation Topic: Right-Sizing
Todd take a forward thinking approach to the increasing challenge of space, design and how we live in our homes.

Carson Arthur

Landscape Designer and Host of HGTV’s Critical Listing, Green Force, Room to Grow and Home To Win (2016)

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Are you ready to downsize into 500 sq. ft. or less?  We will take you through what the process of preparing for and building a tiny home looks like. You might be surprised on what tiny living could do for you! 

Carson Arthur is a landscape designer and television personality with several shows that can be seen all around the world. Throughout his 15-year television career, Carson teaches homeowners how to raise the value of their homes through outdoor renovations while maintaining a focus on environmentally friendly choices. He is part of the Cityline team; writes a column for the Halifax Chronicle Herald and the Sun media group including the Toronto Sun about outdoor design and appears regularly in a variety of magazines with guest articles. He is the North America outdoor design editor for Outdoor Lifestyle magazine; has a syndicated radio show called ‘Take it Outside’; is the spokesperson for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate; and the author of the sold out book Garden Designs for Outdoor Living with a new book scheduled to hit the shelves spring 2019.

His credits include; the host of HGTV’s Green Force and Critical Listing; the Gemini nominated Room to Grow on Global, ION and the Discovery network; Better Homes and Garden’s Home, First Home on the Hallmark Channel in the U.S.; and as the gardening expert on HGTV’s blockbusters; Home to Win, Home to Win 2, and Home to Win 3. 

Presentation Topic: The 10 Big No-No’s
  A countdown of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when renovating outdoors and the easiest ways to fix a bad situation to save the value of your home. Carson shows you real life bad renovations by DIY’ers and professionals which cost the homeowners more than the invoice price.

Presentation Topic: The Best Spots to Renovate for 2018
Thinking about spending a little money on your home? Better invest wisely as many home renovations can negatively impact your property value. Carson shows you where to spend your dollars for the largest return on your investment.


Tiffany Pratt, Host of HGTV Canada's Home to Win

Her trademark hair and big energy make Tiffany Pratt unforgettable. But her hands-on approach to design, and the care she has for her clients, make her irreplaceable. Tiffany fell in love with beautiful things at a young age when she would memorize every page of Vogue magazine. Today, that same appreciation for beauty has carried through into her day-to-day work. She sees exquisite in the unexpected, mixes old with new, merges elegant with livable, and she lives and breathes her truth that “this can be beautiful.”  @thetiffanypratt


Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault 

As a DIY & design expert, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has spent years crafting a unique philosophy for design that fuses ingenuity, whimsy, and quality workmanship – all on a “frugalista” budget. She believes that achieving great style and design isn’t determined by how much money you spend, but rather how creative you can be with your budget. Amongst the many hats she wears, Leigh-Ann is a regular contributor on Cityline and a spokesperson for Rust-Oleum Canada.  With a passion to educate and inspire, Leigh-Ann embraces every opportunity she gets to spark creativity and instill confidence in others who strive to “DO IT YOURSELF”.

Presentation Topic: Design Equations Are you eager to tackle a renovation project, but can’t seem to crack the code on your style? Join Cityline’s Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault as she teaches you how to create a customized design equation that will help define your style and result in a unique look for your home. Leigh-Ann will also share DIY inspiration and project ideas that will let you indulge in the latest trends without overindulging right past your budget. 

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Presentation Topic
: Right at home with Urban Barn
There's no place like home and Urban Barn understands there's no place like your home. Join Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault as she takes you through our 2018 Spring Collection on the main stage. Experience and learn how to bring home that "right at home" feeling using furniture and accessories from Urban Barn's wide collection to create beautiful spaces to live, work, and play in -- designed to suit your taste and your unique style.

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RosalynHeadshotRosalyn Lazaruk

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The genuine passion of designer Rosalyn Lazaruk for décor, space and event design has inspired her success as a designer. Rosalyn has been working in design and decor for over a decade and established her own business, Wicket Blue Interiors, in 2004. She has a broad repertoire of experience both in designing personal spaces within the home, as well as in implementing intriguing space and design concepts within the commercial and event settings. Insightful and infinitely resourceful, Rosalyn understands the intimate relationship of design and self-expression and is devoted to developing and implementing unique design ideas that reflect the vision and individuality of her clients. 

Presentation Topic: Style Revival
History tends to repeat itself and the saying definitely holds true with decor.  A look at the design and decor statements from yesterday that are getting a modern makeover.


Donna Balzer 


Donna Balzer has two greenhouses and a big vegetable garden on her urban double lot. She is an award-winning media personality and garden consultant with a personal passion for food growing in northern regions. Horticulturist, speaker, and author, Donna has a degree in Agriculture with a specialty in Horticulture. She has a Youtube channel and 3 seasons as host of the Internationally broadcast Bugs & Blooms on HGTV. Her book No Guff Vegetable Gardening is a best seller and her newest book The Three Year Gardener’s Gratitude Journal will be published January 2018. 

Presentation Topic: 3 Tips to Sow & Grow a Better Food Garden Growing a food garden and creating a perfect life are like hugs and kisses – they just grow together. If you garden in Calgary and you are limited to doing one thing, you must build better soil. But if you can do three things, you can build soil, add garden covers and plant vertical gardens while saving the world one honeybee at a time. Gardening is an all-age event. Get inspired and start growing world health today.

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Donna bookcover

Buy Donna's book at the Show!  Donna will be selling her book The Three Year Gardener's Gratitude  Journal after each of her presentations.    

ChelsieAndersonHeadshotChelsie Anderson

Chelsie Anderson is a regular CBC Columnist on the Home Stretch, co-author of the "Three Year Gardener's Gratitude Journal" and owner/operator of Chelsie's Garden Soil-utions, where she maintains gardens naturally. She spends her free time growing organic food for her 3 kids, 2 guinea pigs and her millions of red wiggler worms, as well as blogging at This Natural Gardener knows that all good things start in the soil.

Presentation Topic: It Takes a Village to Raise a Chive 
Chelsie's talk "It Takes a Village to Raise a Chive" will shine a light on all of the critters who are truly responsible for growing the food in our urban gardens. During this talk you will learn how to encourage this "village" in your own garden, meaning you can let nature take care of it! From microbes who feed your plants on demand, to robber flies who will eat almost any pest, to our native bumble bees who pollinate 1/3 of our crops; find out who does what and how you can employ them in your own edible backyard garden!


Janet Melrose


Janet Melrose is ‘Calgary’s Cottage Gardener’, who specializes in Garden Education, Horticultural Therapy and advocating for a Sustainable Local Food System: successfully synthesising   Community-Based Horticultural Therapy program located in Community Gardens; working with gardeners of all stripes to develop their skills and experience of gardening for enjoyment, health and sustenance.  Her motto is ‘Grow, Nurture, and Bloom’.  

Presentation Topic: Native Plants for Alberta Gardens 
Alberta is blessed with profuse and varied native trees & shrubs, herbaceous perennial and annuals that all are absolutely suited to their particular ecological nook of the Province.         Hardy, often drought-tolerant, attractive to all sorts of wildlife and insects, pest resilient, and beautiful; they are often scorned by gardeners preferring more lush and/or exotic plants from elsewhere in the world. Yet there is much gardeners can and should learn about our native plants and how they have adapted to our climate; and how incorporating native plants or their cultivated cousins into our gardens can save gardeners time, energy and money not to mention frustration in one of the more challenging environments to garden wisely and successfully.


Neil Harding has worked for Sleep Country Canada for the past 18 years. Neil is in charge of home shows, warehouse sales, and product knowledge training nationally. As a highly trained and experienced sleep expert, Neil has helped thousands of Canadians get a better night’s sleep!

Presentation Topic:  Let's Talk About Sleep Designed to help people realize how to get a great night’s sleep. Find out what you can do to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

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Kathy Yuen


Kathy is the founder and owner of Phase One Design.  Her award-winning custom home design firm specializes in working with homeowners and custom homebuilders throughout Alberta and BC.  Her passion lies in helping clients successfully throughout all the phases of planning their new home project – on-time, on-budget, and stress-free.  Her team has successfully designed more than 500 homes over the last 12 years.  

Her design firm has carefully hand-selected the top talent in Western Canada to ensure a high level of excellence in both client service and design creativity.  As a result, her team has won multiple CRHBA awards for their home designs every year since 2012.  

Kathy is a regularly featured speaker at events across Western Canada, has been nominated twice as RBC’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and is a dog-mom to her French-bulldog Brutus in her hometown of Calgary, Alberta.
Presentation Topic: How to Successfully Plan & Build a New Home In Calgary Join Kathy as she shares guidelines and tips to successfully planning and building a new home in Calgary. 


Halyna Tataryn


Educated in Engineering, Urban Planning and Architecture, Halyna brings her passion for homes and dedication to her work with her clients. Halyna has extensive knowledge about architectural history and design – heritage homes especially. Her in-depth understanding of construction techniques, building materials and design, provide her clients with unparalleled expertise and professional insight. Halyna takes an engineering-solutions approach to home selling and buying. She focuses on selling Unique Inner City properties and helping buyers make smart and informed decisions.

Presentation Topic: Wondering Where You Should Live? 10 Tips For Finding Your Perfect Place Where you live is one of the most important decisions you can make, for it determines how much you spend on housing, transportations, how much you eat out, socialize and even live.  Whether you are down-sizing, upsizing or looking for your first home, get valuable tips to help you make smarter housing choices and find your dream home.


Jennifer McCarthy

Jennifer McCarthy, began Teacup Tiny Homes in 2016 with a vision of diversifying housing needs across the North America. Jennifer has spent the last 15 years in residential home construction, and is passionate about experiencing life to the fullest. She and her partner Nick, stay busy raising their two young children and building tiny homes in Lethbridge Ab.  With a whole lot of passion, drive and vision, Jennifer believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience life to the fullest by having the choice of owning a home, cabin, or RV that doesn't leave you living paycheque to paycheque. 

Presentation Topic: Forget Thinking Big, Dream Tiny! 
Are you ready to downsize into 500 sq. ft. or less?  We will take you through what the process of preparing for and building a tiny home looks like. You might be surprised on what tiny living could do for you! 

Mike Daciw & Jon Schiedel


Mike Daciw co-founded EVOLVsolar and is responsible for the sales, system design, and procurement at EVOLV and enjoys working with customers to come up with a smart, cost-effective solutions that are safe and provides the highest possible return on investment.  Mike has been in the energy industry for over 6 years and has been trained at the Canadian Solar Institute. 

Prior to EVOLV, Mike served as the Director of Corporate Development for Tundra Process Solutions, helping them become the 7th fastest growing company in Canada with over revenues over $100M. While at Tundra, he led their human resource department, the Acceleration Center for Entrepreneurs (, and growth initiatives via partnerships and acquisitions. 

Jon Schiedel is the Director of Sales at EVOLVsolar and brings a decade of experience in the construction industry which gives him a solid understanding of how solar integrates with the entire building.  Jon also has a demonstrated passion for sustainability through his management of numerous projects where he applies sustainable construction principles to achieve high levels of energy-efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.  Jon has also presented at the Alberta Green Homes Summit and regularly consults on energy efficiency and building performance in Western Canada." 

Presentation Topic: Solar Energy - It Costs a Lot Less than you Think 
Many people are working with outdated information on the cost and capabilities of solar PV systems for their homes. But, the fact is that both the market and the technology have advanced significantly. We bring the latest information on the current and future state of the energy market, the cost of solar PV, and the substantial provincial incentives that have made it a great decision for many Albertans.